"Drewno" journal uses service provided by Crossref and powered by iThenticate. Similarity Check provides editors with a user-friendly tool to help detect plagiarism.
More information: iThenticate®

If plagiarism is identified, the COPE guidelines on plagiarism will be followed.

Any-plagiarism procedure:

1. The editor, upon suspecting plagiarism in the submitted article, initiates procedural actions.
2. The editor gathers comprehensive documentation along with supporting evidence.
3. The editor assesses the degree of similarity between texts, examining possible repetitions. This involves utilizing an anti-plagiarism tool and conducting a manual text comparison. In cases of paraphrasing or self-plagiarism, the editor conducts a thorough analysis of the texts.
4. If the editor determines that the extent of repetitions is significant, they contact the author via email. The communication includes sending the author a signed 'author's declaration' affirming the originality/authorship of the article. Additionally, the editor provides documentation indicating the presence of plagiarism.
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